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Farmington Cosmetic Surgeon

Davis Surgical Associates is centered around the well being and confidence of our patients in the Farmington area. That’s why we offer the most advanced surgical procedures available in every medical specialty at our general and cosmetic surgery facility in the Farmington area. Our surgeons and operating staff understand the physical toll that a surgery can take, which is why we try to eliminate potential complications and improve recovery times. With a combination of expert knowledge, compassionate empathy, and careful precision, our staff aim to help every patient achieve health and happiness for years to come. The two surgeons at Davis Surgical Associates provide general surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures (like varicose vein treatment) to patients in Farmington who need help with gastrointestinal issues or would like to change their appearance. Davis Surgical Associates medspa for patients in Farmington is ready to help you achieve your body goals, whatever they may be! Find out more about a few of our select surgical treatments below, including our specialty in varicose vein treatments:

Farmington Cosmetic Procedures

  • Farmington Varicose Veins Treatment

    Varicose veins forms when blood coagulates and slows down as it’s flowing toward the heart. Though most varicose veins don’t pose an immediate health risk, many people see them as an eyesore to otherwise healthy legs and arms. Fortunately, Davis Surgical Associates offers varicose vein removal in the Farmington area with effective catheter and laser treatment.

  • Farmington Smart Lipo

    Considered a superior form of treatment to traditional liposuction, this laser procedure from Davis Surgical Associates burns away fat cell walls for quick removal. Patients experience fewer complications and faster healing post-surgery. If you’re hoping to get rid of stubborn belly fat, smart liposuction in the Farmington area might be the answer.

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Surgery Experts in Farmington

  • Farmington General Procedures

    For patients in Farmington suffering from gastrointestinal conditions like gallstones, hernias, or colon cancer, Davis Surgical Associates is here to help. Thanks to cutting edge robotic equipment like the da Vinci Surgery System, we can treat internal medical issues without large incisions or invasive human contact with the affected area.

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