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Bountiful Cosmetic Surgeon

Serving residents of the Bountiful area, our varicose vein treatment med spa aims to provide leading cosmetic surgery procedures without the need for stitches or large scars. That’s because the doctors at Davis Surgical Associates specialize in minimally invasive surgical techniques like laparoscopy to help patients recover more quickly and suffer from fewer complications. Surgery no longer needs to involve large incisions or even human contact with the affected area. Thanks to da Vinci Robotic Surgery for our Bountiful patients, the desired outcome in health, appearance, and confidence is achieved with shorter outpatient times in the hospital and quicker recovery times. Davis Surgical Associates is oriented around the patient’s well being and comfort during every procedure, from varicose vein treatments to colorectal surgeries. Our medspa is committed to performing surgery that works well and keeps up with the latest technology. Below are a few of our Bountiful area cosmetic surgery specialties, including varicose veins treatment:

Bountiful Cosmetic Surgery Treatments

  • Bountiful Varicose Veins Treatment

    Using laser treatment and small catheters, we can make bulging colored veins fade away, restoring the legs or arms to a more youthful appearance. Varicose veins treatment in Bountiful from Surface Med Spas can help reduce pain and swelling when compression socks don’t work.

  • Bountiful Smart Lipo

    When belly fat never seems to disappear, even after diet and exercise, smart liposuction is the best solution to removing it. Our Bountiful cosmetic surgeons use innovative laser technology to break down fat cell walls into a separate substance from the rest of the body, allowing for easy removal. This laser procedure also tightens loose skin around the affected area, reinvigorating and enhancing its appearance.

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Advanced Surgery in Bountiful

  • Bountiful General Procedures

    The general surgeons at Davis Surgical Associates are trained and certified to treat patients for a variety of conditions, including colon cancer, gallstones, and hernias. They use cutting edge technology like the da Vinci Surgical System to help patients heal faster and hurt less. Whatever treatment is needed, Davis Surgical Associates will always recommend the most effective and safe procedure for general surgery in Bountiful.

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